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Kennedy Legacy

New Exclusive Puzzles!

Looking for a fun challenge?

Try your hand at one of our new, exclusive jigsaw puzzles! Inspired by our collections and the legacy of President Kennedy, each new puzzle features a different aspect of the Museum.

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History in a Box | CIVICS

President Kennedy challenged every American to engage as an active and informed citizen. Learn about our governing process and your duties as a citizen in our History Box that focuses on Civics.

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History in a Box | SPACE RACE

Explore the 1960’s Space Race—President Kennedy, Neil Armstrong and NASA in this History Box that focuses on the Apollo 11 mission that took three crew members to the moon and safely home.

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History in a Box | JFK

President Kennedy lives on through the many causes he championed – space and technology, civil rights, arts, culture, and volunteerism. Learn and be inspired in our History Box that focuses on President Kennedy's legacy.

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