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Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 - 2020), also known by her initials RBG, was a trailblazing lawyer, activist, role model, and only the second female justice sworn onto the Supreme Court. Her tireless dedication to serving her country won’t soon be forgotten. 

RBG's words have often inspired hope and caused great change to the American landscape and beyond. This tribute is a true keepsake for admirers of her notoriously powerful legacy. 

RBG Pocket Book of Wisdom | $9.99

Teams up great with our RBG ornament | $18

History in a Box | CIVICS

President Kennedy challenged every American to engage as an active and informed citizen. Learn about our governing process, your duties as a citizen, and what it means to participate.

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History in a Box | SPACE RACE

Explore the 1960’s Space Race—President Kennedy, Neil Armstong and NASA—and learn about the Apollo 11 mission that took three crew members to the moon and safely home.

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History in a Box | JFK

President Kennedy lives on through the many causes he championed – space and technology, civil rights, arts, culture, and volunteerism. Learn and be inspired by his legacy.

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