History in a Box | JFK – The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

History in a Box | JFK

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Unbox to find:

Items that explore the life, presidency, and legacy of John F. Kennedy, our nation's 35th President 

President Kennedy inspired a generation to accept responsibility for its government by taking political and social action. As president, he fought to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all Americans. He encouraged Americans to better themselves through education and physical fitness.

Learn more about President Kennedy's life and why many Americans consider him to be our greatest president. 

Included are enrichment activities created by our Museum educators to complement the box and stimulate at-home learning for ages 8 and up. 

Topics for interactive learning include:

  • Storytelling through images.
  • Presidential sites, geographical locations and names.
  • U.S. coins, currency, and presidents.

More to find inside:

  • Who Was John F. Kennedy for grades 3-7, 112 pages.
  • John F. Kennedy the Brave, an early reader biography, ages 3 through preschool, 32 pages.
  • Presidential Place mat, laminated, 11" X 17",  featuring US presidents and their first ladies.
  • A Short Biography of John F. Kennedy, ages 12-adult, 32 pages.
  • John F. Kennedy 35th President baseball.
  • 18kt gold-plated Kennedy Half-Dollar in air-tight case.
  • President Kennedy Stickers.
  • Key chain with PT109 medallion--replica from 1960 presidential campaign.
  • pair of silicone bracelets with Kennedy quotation embossed.

And a few surprises that complete an interactive experience to engage your family at home.